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Reservoir Engineering Course FAQs


A1. I understand that this is no longer part Of Res Eng II as the question appeared in Res Eng 1 Exam?


B2. Last part (S varying with time and depth): I am not sure whether to apply Hawkins equation or apply wellbore storage type analysis. Reference to Manual with Chapter number, page number, figure number, paragraph number for possible approach will be much appreciated.


First Part: Please confirm I derive equation given in Chapter 2, page 62


B4: What should be the starting point derivation of formulae given? Paceman probe analysis given in Chapter 2, Page 65 shows the derivation, is that sufficient for the answer?


B5: Kazemi: The answer can potential span from analysis given in Chapter 5, Pg 22 to page 30 which can be rather long.

That is the answer! Specific reference to Manual with Chapter number, page number, figure number, paragraph number for likely answer will be much appreciated.

B6: rw (wellbore radius) data seem to be missing. I am not sure the answer just entails plugging in the number with right units or involves something more sophistication. I do not seem to find reference to Fetkovich in the manual.

Assume rw.

General: If you have any past questions for chapters 6 and beyond (WFT, WFT for exploration, WFT for production) shall be much appreciated as I can confirm/test my knowledge on those subjects.

No past papers on this material yet - most related to RFT's and concepts of heterogeneity and permeability

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