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The scientific evidence is now overwhelming: climate change represents very serious global risk, and it demands urgent global response. (Stern review 2006).

"We will work to accelerate the development and commercialisation of CCS technology"  (G8, Gleneagles Plan Of Action 2005.)

The challenge of climate change requires innovative approaches to CO2 management. A new Research Centre in Edinburgh promises to deliver the R&D capability to create containment solutions to complement emissions reduction strategies. The Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage Research established October 2005 and funded by the Scottish Funding Council, is a partnership of Heriot-Watt University (Institute of Petroleum Engineering), University of Edinburgh (School of Geological Sciences) and the British Geological Survey.

A Centre of Excellence

This innovative collaboration between the University of Edinburgh and Heriot Watt University with the British Geological Survey makes Edinburgh a centre of excellence for research and development in carbon capture and storage. The Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage Research (SCCS) builds on and extends the established world-class expertise based on petroleum and hydrocarbon geoscience in: geology, geophysics, geo-engineering petroleum engineering and subsurface fluid flow. The Centre comprises experimental and analytical facilities, expertise in field studies and modelling, and key academic and research personnel to stimulate the development of innovative solutions to carbon capture and subsurface storage.

Using skills and resources currently associated with oil & gas production, SCCS provides infrastructure and links to worldwide networks concerned with the emission of greenhouse gases.

The approach of SCCS is to use the expertise and facilities within the various research groups in the partner organisations to focus on the wide and various challenges related to storing captured carbon dioxide into various subsurface structures.

CCS Consortium: Proposal offer

A very high, and increasing, level of interest exists relating to CCS in and around the UK.  Political commitments are being made to build coal and gas power plant in the UK and EU which will Demonstrate full-scale Carbon Capture and Storage before 2015.  CCS technologies show many signs of being new, and major, global businesses.  Key unknowns for many participants are the knowledge, workflows, and risks associated with selecting geological sites, engineering injection, and predicting the performance and monitoring of storage sites into the distant future.

The SCCS is already the largest CCS Centre in the UK.
We now offer a Consortium opportunity, with a 3 year rolling membership from March 2007
Interest has already been expressed by 27 companies and organisations, from diverse sectors: power, oil, construction, environment, legal, analysis, finance.

For membership details, contact Stuart Simmons, Business Development Officer, School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh, or Tony Weir, Technical & Research Services, Heriot-Watt University.