Institute of Petroleum Engineering

ECOSSE Petroleum Science Research Seminars (PRes)

PRes aims to maintain a friendly atmosphere, which encourages off-the-cuff presentation of talks and exchange of ideas. We encourage presentations of high calibre research results as well as presentations of ongoing research and even topics for brainstorming.

PRes also aims to make these seminars a forum for grooming research students/staff into becoming good international conference speakers and thereby upholding the high standards of the Institute. Given that only a tiny fraction of the talks presented at international conferences by members of the Institute get presented in-house, this reorganisation will seek to encourage a "charity begins at home" attitude towards conference talks.

PRes seeks to encourage inter-institutional/departmental collaboration within and outside Heriot-Watt University/ Visitors from outside the Institute should register as a guest.

For further information and registration, please contact:
Juan Ernesto Juri: or;
Oscar Vazquez:

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