Institute of Petroleum Engineering

Porous Media Rig

Porous Media Rig

Main applications:

  1. Measuring the effect of pore size, saturation and wettability on gas hydrate stability zone in porous media.
  2. Investigating the kinetics of gas hydrate formation and dissociation in porous media.
  3. Effect of gas and pore water composition on the hydrate stability zone in porous media.

Operating conditions:

Pressure: 6,000 psia (40 MPa)
Temperature:-20 ºC to 80 ºC


The rig consists of a 75cc volume high pressure cell, capable of operating up to 40 MPa. Pressure is monitored by a quartzdyne pressure transducer with an accuracy of 0.007 MPa. Temperature is controlled by circulating coolant around a cell jacket, and is monitored by a PRT with an accuracy of 0.01 K. Temperature cycles and the collection of data is controlled by an automated computer system.