Institute of Petroleum Engineering

Kinetic Rig-3

Kinetic Rig-3

Main applications:

  1. Evaluating the performance of Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors (KHIs), by measuring the induction time, rate of hydrate formation, and pressure drop due to hydrate formation.
  2. Evaluating the performance of Anti-Agglomerants (AA) in preventing gas hydrate problems, by measuring the torque applied to the mixer, and rate of hydrate formation.
  3. Simulating various pipline scenarios, such as flowing, shut-in and start-up.
  4. Investigating the kinetics of gas hydrate formation and dissociation.
  5. Measuring the hydrate stability zone of various fluid systems (e.g., gas, gas condensate and oil systems).
  6. Determining the effect of various hydrate inhibitors (e.g., salts and/or organic inhibitors) on the hydrate stability zone.

Operating conditions:

Pressure: up to 4,500 psia (30 MPa)
Temperature: from –30 to 75 ºC


Kinetic Rig-3 consists of a high pressure cell (30MPa) with a volume of 500cc, a magnetic bar for stirring, coolant jacket and temperature/pressure recording equipment controlled by a computer. Cell temperature can be controlled to within 0.05 ºC. Temperature is measured by a PRT and pressure by Quartzdyne pressure transducer.