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Abstract 166

Experimental Determination and Thermodynamic Prediction of Methane Hydrate Stability in Alcohols and Electrolyte Solutions

Haghighi, H., Burgess, R., Chapoy, A., Tohidi, B.Najibi, H., Chapoy, A., Haghighi, H., and Tohidi, B.
Fluid Phase Equilibria, 275, 127-131 (2009).

In petroleum exploration and production operations, gas hydrates pose serious flow assurance, economic and safety concerns. Thermodynamic inhibitors are widely used to reduce the risks associated with gas hydrate formation. In this communication, in order to establish the effects of salts and thermodynamic inhibitors on the locus of incipient hydrate-liquid water-vapour (H–LW–V) curve, we report new experimental dissociation data for various quaternary systems, methane/water/thermodynamic inhibitor/salts for a pressure range of 6.89 MPa to 29 MPa.

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