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Gas Separation and Storage Using Semi-Clathrate Hydrates

Ahmadloo, F., Mali, G., Chapoy, A., and Tohidi, B.
6th International Conference on Gas Hydrates, Vancouver, Canada, July 6-10 (2008)

Tetra-n-Butyl Ammonium Bromide (TBAB) forms semi-clathrate hydrates which can incorporate small gas molecules, such as methane and nitrogen at ambient temperatures and atmospheric pressure. Such favourable stability conditions, combined with ease of formation could make semi-clathrates particularly attractive for a large variety of applications. These hydrates have recently been investigated for their use in the separation of gases, and it is proposed that the same technology could potentially be used for storage and transportation of gases. To evaluate the feasibility of using TBAB hydrates for separation and storage purposes, an extensive test programme was conducted to determine: phase stability of the semi-clathrates, gas storage capacity, and composition of the stored gas. The results show that TBAB semi-clathrates have very favourable stability conditions. They can store considerable quantities of gas, and favour small molecules in their structures. These experiments suggest that semi-clathrate hydrates, such as TBAB, could have a significant potential as an alternative for industrial separation, storage, and transportation of natural gas.

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