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Development of a Henry's Constant Correlation and Solubility Measurements of N-Pentane, I-Pentane, Cyclopentane, N-Hexane and Toluene in Water
Chapoy, H. Haghighi, B. Tohidi
Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, 40, 1030-1037 (2008)

In this communication, we report new experimental data on n-pentane, i-pentane, cyclopentane, n-hexane, and toluene solubility in        water at low temperature (below 298.15 K) and atmospheric pressure conditions. The new experimental data together with those reported in the literature have been used in developing a new equation for Henry’s constants of normal alkanes (methane to decane), BETEX compounds, and acid gases in aqueous phase over a wide range of temperature (typically from 273.15 K to 373.15 K). The new equation is based on a thermodynamic model, which uses the Peng–Robinson equation of state combined with the classical quadratic mixing rules for modelling non-aqueous phases, while the NRTL model is used to calculate the water activity. The predictions of the developed thermodynamic model are compared to the experimental data and the results of a thermodynamic approach, which uses the Valderrama modification of the Patel–Teja equation of state and non-density dependent mixing rules for modelling all fluid phases. Good agreement is observed between the experimental data and the model predictions.

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