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Abstract 138

Advances in Estimating Water Content of Natural Gases

Mohammadi, A.H., Chapoy, A., Tohidi, B., Richon, D.

GPA Conference 2006, Grapevines, Texas, 5-8 March (2006).

In this work, we examine the need for water content data in the gas phase for tuning Binary Interaction Parameters between water and gaseous components in an Equation of State. We consider three cases for tuning; 1) gas solubility in aqueous phase only, 2) water content of the gas phase, and 3) mutual solubilities. The Valderrama modification of Patel - Teja equation of state with the non-density dependent mixing rules is used for modeling the fluid phases. These results show that using only gas solubility data in tuning thermodynamic model leads to accurate predictions of water content data and therefore experimental gas phase water contents are not indispensable. Furthermore, we report new experimental data on the water content of the gas phase for a gas mixture consisting of 94% methane, 4% ethane and 2% n-butane at low temperature conditions. The data were measured in the (277.82-292.88) K temperature range and pressures up to 3.028 MPa, using a static–analytic technique taking advantage of a Rolsi™ sampling device. To examine the consistency of the new experimental data they are compared with the results of a previously reported semi – empirical approach and the developed thermodynamic model. The agreements between the experimental and predicted data are good, demonstrating the reliability of data and technique and model used in this work.

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