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Abstract 135
A Novel Predictive Technique for Estimating the Hydrate Inhibition Effects of Single and Mixed Thermodynamic Inhibitors
Mohammadi, A.H. and Tohidi, B.
The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 83, 951-961 (2005).
A new correlation has been developed for predicting hydrate inhibition characteristics, as well as water freezing point depression of aqueous solutions containing salts and/or organic inhibitors. The correlation has been developed using hydrate inhibition/freezing point depression data at different concentrations of salt and/or organic inhibitor generated using a previously reported thermodynamic model. Independent data have been used in examining the reliability of this method. The predictions of this correlation are in acceptable agreement with the independent experimental data, demonstrating the reliability of this predictive technique for estimating the hydrate inhibition effects of salts and/or organic inhibitors.

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