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Abstract 114
Water Content Measurement and Modeling in the Nitrogen+Water System
Mohammadi, A.H., Chapoy, A., Tohidi, B., and Richon, D.
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 50, 541-545 (2005).
Experimental data and thermodynamic modeling of water solubility in nitrogen are reported herein. Equilibrium data were measured in the (282.86 to 363.08) K temperature range at pressures up to about 5 MPa using a static-analytic technique taking advantage of a Rolsi sampling device. Two different thermodynamic approaches have been used to represent the new experimental data. The first approach employs the Peng-Robinson equation of state with classical mixing rules and a Henry's law treatment for calculating the fugacities in the vapor and aqueous phases, respectively. The second approach uses the Valderrama modification of the Patel-Teja equation of state with non-density-dependent mixing rules for modeling the fluid phases. The new experimental data are in good agreement with the predictions of the models and some selected experimental data from the literature, demonstrating the reliability of the experimental technique and predictive methods used in this work.

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