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Abstract 111
Carbon Monoxide Clathrate Hydrates: Experimental Equilibrium Data and Thermodynamic Modeling
Mohammadi, A.H., Anderson, R., and Tohidi, B.
AIChE Journal, 51(1), 2825-2833 (2005).
Carbon monoxide occurs in abundance throughout the cosmos, potentially in clathrate form, whereas on Earth, it forms a notable constituent of industrial flue gases. It has been proposed that hydrate technology could be used in CO2 separation from flue gases, and in subsea flue gas CO2 disposal. This � and the likely widespread occurrence of CO clathrates in the cosmos�means it is important that the phase behavior of CO hydrates is known. Here, we present experimental H-L-V (hydrate-�liquid-�vapor) equilibrium data for CO, CO-�CO2, and CO-�C3H8 (propane) clathrate hydrates. Data were generated by a reliable step-heating technique validated using measured data for CO2 and CH4 hydrates. Data for CO and CO-�C3H8 clathrates have been used in the optimization of Kihara potential parameters for CO, reported here, facilitating the extension of a thermodynamic model to the prediction CO hydrate equilibria. Model predictions are validated against independent experimental data for CO-�CO2 (structure I) systems, with good agreement being observed.

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