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Flow Assurance Research at Heriot-Watt University
Tohidi, B., Danesh, A., Todd, A.C., Anderson, R., Burgass, R., Arjmandi, M., Masoudi, R., Ji, H., Mohammadi, A., Yang, J., Ren, S., Zain, Z., Mali, G., and Jadhawar, P.
DTI IOR Research Dissemination Seminar, Aberdeen, UK, 24 June (2004).
Flow assurance studies at the Centre for Gas Hydrate Research are built on over 17 years of hydrate research experience at the Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot?Watt University. Originating as part of the respected Reservoir Fluids Group, though numerous government and industry funded research projects, the Hydrate Group has grown to become an internationally recognised research centre. Fundamental in the growth of the group was the award of a major Research Development Grant from the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council (SHEFC) in June 2000. The award funded the creation of the Centre for Gas Hydrate Research (CGHR), which was formally established in February 2001. Funding enabled the refurbishment and extension of hydrate laboratories, the recruitment of new researchers, and the expansion of experimental capabilities. The Centre now has a 16-strong (staff and postgraduate students) multi-disciplinary research team with expertise in petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, physics, chemistry, geology and geochemistry. With 14 operating experimental set-ups, and a further 4 under construction, research work at the centre covers a diverse range of topics, including flow assurance (gas hydrates, wax, asphaltenes, salt precipitation), gas hydrates in sediments, and positive applications of gas hydrates (e.g. gas processing and transportation, neutron moderation, fire-fighting). The Centre currently provides support to the oil and gas industry through two joint Industry and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) funded flow assurance projects (JIPs); Flow Assurance: Gas Hydrates and Wax (5 sponsors), and Flow assurance: Micro and Macro Scale Evaluation of Low Dosage Hydrate Inhibitors (7 sponsors). In addition, the Centre carries out numerous individual consultancy and technical studies, and teaches short courses on gas hydrates at academic and industrial centres throughout the world. This paper presents an overview of flow assurance research at the Centre, focussing particularly on current joint industry projects, and touching on proposed future programmes.