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A Review of Clathrate Hydrate Research at Heriot-Watt University
Tohidi, B., Anderson, R., Masoudi, R., Arjamandi, M., Burgass, R., and Yang, J.
Russian Chemical Journal, 47, 49-58 (2003). In Russian and English.
We present a review of clathrate hydrate research at the Centre for Gas Hydrate Research, Heriot-Watt University, UK. Work has encompassed a wide range of hydrate issues, from flow assurance to gas hydrates in the natural environment, integrating experimental studies with advanced thermodynamic modelling of clathrate systems. Flow assurance research has focussed on measurement and prediction of clathrate equilibria for electrolyte and mixed electrolyte-organic aqueous solutions, design and testing of low dosage hydrate inhibitors, measurement and prediction of wax-hydrate equilibria, and the testing of anti-depositional surface coatings. Research into naturally occurring gas hydrates has included experimental measurement of capillary effects on clathrate and ice equilibria, visual investigations of hydrate phase behaviour at the pore scale, ultrasonic studies of sediments hosting gas hydrates, and measurement and prediction of subglacial air clathrate hydrate equilibria. In this article, we present a summary of research work in these areas, review previously published results, and report new findings. Descriptions of experimental facilities at the Centre, a detail of thermodynamic basis for our hydrate prediction model, HWHYD (Heriot-Watt Hydrate), and a review of empirical correlations for hydrate prediction published by this laboratory, are provided in Appendices.

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