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Abstract 086
Reducing the Risks of Solid Deposition by using Internal Pipeline Coating
Burgass, R.W., and Tohidi, B.
15th International Conference on Pipeline Protection, Aachen, Germany, 29-31 October (2003).
The adhesion of both organic and inorganic scale to pipeline internal surfaces in a problem that blights many industries. One option, amongst the armoury of couteractive measures, is to look at the possibility of developing surface coatings that can reduce the risks of solid deposition. In this communication we present the results of a series of experiments into the effect of internal coatings in reducing solid deposition. Initially, several coatings were evaluated using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) set-up. Then, a new experiemtnal rig was designed and constructed to simulate pipeline conditions and investigate solid deposition tendencies under dynamic conditions.

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