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Gas Hydrates in Offshore Production and Drilling
Tohidi, B., Danesh, A., Todd, A.C., Østergaard, K.K., Burgass, R.W., Anderson, R., Yang, J.-H., Ren, S.-R., Arjamandi, M., Reid, A., Ji, H. and Masoudi, R.
DTI IOR Seminar, London, UK, 29 June (2001).

A 3 year research programme on avoiding gas hydrate problems in offshore drilling, production and transportation of hydrocarbon fluids started in December 1999. The study focuses on the following topics:

(1) Gas hydrates and deepwater drilling; avoiding gas hydrates in water based drilling fluids

(2) Hydrates in subsea transfer lines

(3) Wax-hydrate combinations

(4) Gas hdrates in production operations

In this presentation, results on determining the hydrate characteristics of some salts and organic inhibitors used in offshore drilling and completion operations are presented. Results on measuring wax appearance (WAT) and dissappearance temperatures (WDT) show that a Quartz Crystal Microbalance comined with step heating/cooling could provide reliable and repeatable data for real reservoir fluids. Finally, hydrate formation conditions during well clean-up and testing have been simulated. The results have been used in the development of a set of guidelines for avoiding gas hydrate problems in offshore production operations and for removing gas hydrate plugs if they do form.

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