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Abstract 063
Visual Observation of Gas Hydrate Formation in Glass Micromodels
Anderson, R., Biderkab, A.-B., Tohidi, B., Clennell, B.
63rd EAGE Conference & Exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 11-15 June (2001).
A glass micromodel rig had been commissioned for use in the visual observation of gas hydrate formation and dissociation in porous media. The rig provides a unique opportunity for direct visual observation of phase behaviour at the microscopic scale. We report results on the visual observation of hydrate formation on porous glass micromodels. Hydrate formation from both a free gas phase (CH4-water) and from dissolved gas only (CO2-saturated water) have been previously described (Tohidi et al 2001). Here, visual observations of hydrate formation from dissolved methane and methane-CO2 mixtures are reported. The requirement for nucleation sites and/or water history (i.e. remnant ice structures) when forming hydrate from dissolved gases of low solubililty (eg methane) at lower pressures (<8MPa) is emphasised.

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