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Abstract 062
Modelling of Hydrate Phase Equilibria in Porous Media
Østergaard, K. K., Llamedo, M., and Tohidi, B.
63rd EAGE Conference & Exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 11-15 June (2001).
Considering the ever-increasing importance of gas hydrates in marine sediments, it is crucial to gain a better understanding of their formation and decomposition in porous media. Before hydrate formation and decomposition in complex marine sediment systems can be successfully described, it is necessary to understand the basic interactions between fluids, hydrates and the porous medium. One way of obtaining such information is by performing experiments in the controlled laboratory environment using well-defined porous media and fluids. Such data can then be used to construct and validate computer models, more general in nature. One crucial aspect of hydrates formation and decomposition in porous media is the thermodynamic equilibrium conditions. In this work we present a thermodynamic model for hydrate equilibria in porous media.The model is compared with recent experimental data on hydrate equilibria in porous media. The effect of pore sizes, water saturation, and the presence of salt on the hydrate stability in porous media will be discussed. Also, advantages and limitations of the developed thermodynamic model will be reviewed.