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Abstract 040
Effect of Reservoir Fluid Production on Gas Hydrate Phase Boundaries
Østergaard, K.K., Danesh, A., Tohidi, B., Todd, A.C., and Burgass, R.W.
SPE 50689, EUROPEC98, The Hague, The Netherlands, 20-22 October (1998).
An integrated theoretical and experimental study has been conducted to examine the effect of reservoir fluid production on the hydrate free zone of produced fluids. The paper presents the results of pressure depletion and surface separation of black oil, volatile oil, and gas condensate on the hydrate free zone. The results show that pressure depletion at reservoir temperature has only an insignificant effect on the hydrate free zone of produced fluids, whereas for surface separation, the hydrate free zone of the separated fluids may differ from that of the feed.

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