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Abstract 038
Structure-H Gas Hydrates in Natural Environment
Tohidi, B., Østergaard K.K., Danesh, A., and Todd, A.C.
Geoscience-98, Gas Hydrates: Resource? Hazard? Origin?, Keele University, Keele, UK, 14-18 April (1998).
Recently a new hydrate structure, known as structure-H, has been discovered. In the past few years, the research community has invested considerable resources in studying the characteristics of structure-H hydrate forming compounds. However, little attention has been given to the impact of this new structure on the oil and gas industry. In this paper we address the impact of structure-H on hydrate formation in real reservoir fluids and the natural environment. The results show that structure-H hydrates do not play an important role on the hydrate free zone of most real reservoir fluids. However, in the transportation of hydrates as slurry, structure-H may co-exist with other hydrate structures. The paper also addresses the recent reports on the formation of structure-H hydrates in a subsea environment and suggests a possible alternative explanation for the findings.