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Abstract 037
Avoiding Gas Hydrate Problems, Case Studies
Tohidi, B., Danesh, A., and Todd, A.C.
3rd National Conference on Chemical Engineering, Iran University of Petroleum, Ahwaz, Iran, March (1998).
A thermodynamic model has been developed and successfully evaluated against hydrate data for a wide range of reservoir fluids (i.e., natural gas, gas-condensate, and black oil) at sub-sea transfer conditions. The developed model has been used to simulate different production scenarios, investigating different options of avoiding hydrate problems. The predictions of the thermodynamic model have been compared with experimental data generated in this laboratory and those in the literature, demonstrating the reliability of the thermodynamic model. Several case studies investigating hydrate and wax problems faced by the industry have been presented and discussed. The results showed that a comprehensive thermodynamic package capable of modelling water-hydrocarbon-hydrate-wax phase equilibria in the presence of methanol and formation water could find solutions to most of problems involving gas hydrates.

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