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Abstract 024
Hydrate Equilibrium Data and Thermodynamic Modelling of Methylcyclopentane and Methylcyclohexane
Tohidi, B., Danesh, A., Burgass, R.W., and Todd, A.C
The 2nd International Conference on Gas Hydrates, Toulouse, France, 2-6 June (1996).
Hydrate equilibrium data and thermodynamic modelling of methylcyclopentane and methylcyclohexane are presented in this paper. Both compounds are reported to form structure-H gas hydrates in the presence of a help gas. In this work methane and nitrogen have been employed as help gases and two separate hydrate rigs with different designs have been used in performing the experiments. In thermodynamic modelling, the Valderrama modification of the Patell and Teja Equation of State (VPT EoS) with Non Density Dependent mixing rules have been used for calculating fugacities of each component in all fluid phases. The hydrate phase has been modelled by the solid solution theory using Kihara potential parameters. The model's predictions are compared with the experimental data and good agreement is demonstrated.

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