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Abstract 011
Experimental Study on the Causes of Disagreements in Methane Hydrate Dissociation Data
Tohidi, B., Burgass, R. W., Danesh, A. and Todd, A. C.
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 715, 532-534 (1994).

There is significant disagreement in the reported dissociation conditions for methane gas hydrate. Recently, Song and Kobayashi(1) have reported a trailing trend to the heating curve in P vs. T plots of data from tests with methane hydrates in a blind cell. With the aim of investigating this trailing trend, a series of tests were performed. In these tests, different amounts of water and a variety of heating and cooling cycles were used. It was found that the time required for achieving equilibrium during the dissociation period can be significantly longer than commonly envisaged. Furthermore, the trailing effect observed in the pressure-temperature method to determine the hydrate dissociation condition could be eliminated by allowing the system to achieve equilibrium.

(1) Song, K.Y., and Kobayashi, R., "Final Hydrate Stability Conditions of Methane and Propane Mixture in the Presence of Pure Water and Aqueous Solutions of Methanol and Ethylene Glycol", Fluid Phase Equilibria, Vol. 47, 295-308, 1989.

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