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Abstract 009

Measurement and Prediction of Amount and Composition of Equilibrium Phases in Heterogeneous Systems Containing Gas Hydrates

Tohidi, B., Burgass, R. W., Danesh, A., and Todd, A. C.
SPE Student Paper Contest, Aberdeen, UK, 6 September (1993).
A new method and the equipment for measuring the amount and composition of different phases in the hydrate forming conditions are described. The equipment was used to generate information on the amount of hydrates formed and the dissociation conditions of various fluids over a wide temperature range, particularly the sea-bed temperature. Binary gas mixtures as well as real North Sea gas-condensate and black oil samples were uses in this study. An in house numerical model was used for prediction of the dissociation pressure and compositional data, which rendered reliable results. The developed model can be used as an engineering tool to determine the hydrate free zone for transportation of unprocessed well streams in sub-sea pipelines as well as the amount of hydrate formed at equilibrium conditions.

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